How We Work

We spend the time to get to know your business, your finances and what will work best for you. We need to understand what your business needs are from a financier in terms of flexibility and product, responsiveness, management expertise along with interest rates and fee structure. We are not like most finance brokers, we are here for the long haul to assist you in the preparation of your annual reviews for your financier, additional finance requests and ongoing equipment finance requirements. We follow a simple process:-

1. Review your business operations and understand your business from a cashflow perspective, along  with overall finance requirements. We also look at what you are aiming to achieve in the medium to long term with your business, are you looking to expand, stabilise of scale back, this all matters in terms of what financier will best suit your business requirements.

2. Review your existing funding structure that is in place, understand the total cost of funding you are being charged and what terms and conditions apply to this finance.

3. Prepare a complete finance proposal, including a business profile, historical financial performance, historical production performance along with projected financial and production performance.

4. Assess the proposal to the best fit of available financiers to suit your business’s needs and tender the business to the best fit financiers.

5. Review the offers of finance provided by financiers and present them to you along with a recommendation around the best fit for your business on an apples –v- apples basis.

6. Negotiate terms and conditions of the finance package with the financier and progress the application to approval, assist in completion of documentation and meeting the financiers settlement conditions.

7. Walk you through the settlement process until refinance is completed and the business is fully functioning with the selected financier.

8. Maintain an ongoing relationship to assist with annual reviews required by financiers along with any additional finance requests and equipment finance.

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